Garden Landscaping
Hertfordshire (Herts), UK

A Garden for all seasons – a living area

What does a 'living garden' mean? It means something different for everyone. For some people it means playing an active role, people who enjoy pruning, planting, cutting the grass even weeding. Others it's a place to relax enjoy and entertain.

More and more people are viewing their garden space as an extra living area and this can be achieved by using an array of different materials from decking, natural stone cobbles, granite sets and pavers.

Each of these materials has a different effect on the aspect of the garden. Decking has a softer and warmer appeal, especially when it is located where you have an immediate access to you garden i.e. conservatory; French doors, where it can create the illusion of extending the interior living area. Stone, pavers and sets are great to create wonderful and unusual patterns especially when used together.

To enhance the mood and atmosphere the use of planting, light and water can create a great ambience.

So, if your garden needs landscaping, or you are looking for garden landscapers in Hertfordshire (Herts), London, UK or abroad, do not hesitate to contact us.